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The International Campaign against Coca-Cola
Building the Network and Mobilising the Boycott

Activist Conference

1-6.30pm, Saturday 26 February 2005
Leeds University Union
(Next to "Parkinson steps", about 5 mins by taxi from the train station)

1-2.30pm, Introduction


Rosie Kane — Member of the Scottish Parliament for the SSP
Juan Pablo Ochoa — Colombian student activist
Gearoid Oloingsigh — Latin America Solidarity Centre, Ireland
Amit Srivastava — India Resource Centre

Plus representatives from COBAS in Italy, Colombia Solidarity Campaign in UK and from Leeds University.

2.45- 4.30pm, Workshops
(1) Boycott in the Universities (2) Trade Union Week of Action (3) Mobilising in the Community

4.45-6.30pm, Final Session
Building the Networks and Uniting the Campaigns

For information, contact:, or; go to Activist Network Web site

There will be a party after the conference with music and dancing, and plenty of time for hard-core supporters to continue discussing tactics.