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Mount Allison University Killer Coke UpdateDecember 12, 2010

Campaign to Stop Killer Coke Organizer Rachel Gardner gives an update on the progress at Mount Allison University. Great work!

We received this message from McMaster University. Congratulations McMaster and Campus Choice!

"Our campaign to end Coke's monopoly at McMaster has finally succeeded. It took two referenda in which the undergraduates rejected the exclusive contract and constant work by the campus club called Campus Choice, with its allies, to get this to happen. We are not specially happy that the company that has replaced much of the Coca Cola' machines on campus is Pepsi, but at least Pepsi has not murdered anyone to our knowledge."

We responded to this email with a congratulations and this link to Director Ray Rogers's answer to a question about Pepsi at the University of Alberta.

University of Bangor, UK, Kicks Coke out of the University
We received the following email on Saturday, September 25, 2010, from Amnesty International at the University of Bangor:
"The Amnesty International group at Bangor University has managed to successfully kick Coca-Cola out of the University and get the University to change its catering contract to Britvic instead, hopefully not the last time this is done at a British University."

Congratulations, University of Bangor!

Petition used by the University of Bangor Campaign to Remove Coke from campus:

Facebook site used by University of Bangor Campaign to Remove Coke from campus:

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