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Don't Drink Coke

Party People: Don't Drink Coke (Classic Mix)

Let's start it off with a little explanation,
about the drink you think
satisfies your dehydration,
in actual fact coca-cola is packed
with substances that
only leave you more thirsty
but have you heard these stories
they're trying to hide,
that coca-cola executives
are threatened by
they've been messing with
Colombian workers
who asked for a better wage
and ended up murdered
so coke are looking shady, been investigated
staff intimidated, seems like nothing's changing
so while you rot your teeth, sipping caffeine
the coca-cola company backs oppressive regimes

(when you hear) COKE'S DODGY DEALINGS,

and that's the real thing, cos coke's lost it's flavour
in El Salvador coke endorses child labour
outrageous! and they're racist,
2,000 employees won court cases
for race discrimination in the US,
who the perpetrators? yeah, you guessed!
It's coca-cola, now you know the score
why we don't drink coke no more

If you wanna keep your teeth, don't drink coke!
don't support the thieves — don't drink coke!
you wanna be refreshed? don't drink coke!
have fun, don't oppress — don't drink coke!
Stop, think, swap drinks
don't drink coke!

Now some think it's right to drink the coke or the sprite
but there's some side-effects that can't be denied
for killing all life-forms, it's bona fide
cos coke gets used as a pesticide!
and the rest of the time they're afraid to tell
in India they've been draining wells
cutting off water supplies to the village
their slogan should be "rape the earth, loot and pillage"
they're not only leaving Canada Dry
but dumping toxic waste and endangering lives
cos when it comes to danger, their products are best
Dasani tapwater was highly cancerous
In every year many bottles are tainted
With all sorts of nastiness, you don't wanna taste it
Avoid Dr Pepper, Lilt, Five Alive
Powerade, Kia Ora, Fanta 'n Sprite
Oasis, Bacardi, Schweppes, wanna know why?
cos they're all coca-cola – so you know you don't buy
in world war 2 many fought to be free
but coke invented fanta for the nazis
and I can hardly believe the ad campaigns
yeah I'll obey my thirst for coke to change
now some may say it's just a protest song
But don't drink coke – cos you know it's wrong

If you really love life, don't drink coke!
believe in human rights, don't drink coke!
Got respect for the earth, don't drink coke!
Keep your baby safe at birth, don't drink coke!
Stop, think, swap drinks
don't drink coke!

Copyleft Party People 2005
Feel free to distribute!

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By the Party People, UK

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