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'Life is Good,' By Leonora

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Right now I stare at this blank piece of paper. I can't find the words to express my anger.
I can't think right now in a peaceful manner. My heart is racing and a hundred miles an hour. I'm sick of blood and I'm sick of terror. I'm sick of guns like 9 millimeters. How long will it take for things to get better? Time is moving fast and I'm not getting any younger.
An advertisement blinds me as I cross the street, corporate companies, stop selling me things I don't need.
Why is it every time I open a magazine I see racy photos of a girl who's only 15.
Is it a public demand or does the media just sell it, because we want it like a needle to an addict. What the hell is going on? I don't really get it.
How did mankind go from stupid to pathetic?

Life is good, it's just misunderstood,
If we keep it up, we know that were all doomed
But we'll stay positive, you know we get what we give
But we'll turn our heads, cause who likes bad news.

But I don't think it's because of the television. 'Cause every now and then I like a little entertainment. The following is my opinion; you don't have to take it. I think the source of the problem is something called religion. I've got nothing against people who believing. It's the ones who say, you ain't going to heaven if you're different.
It's one who want us dead because we're Western. It's the ones who fooled by the lies the government is spreading. where's George Carlin when you need him? Where is god when you pray to him? What's so good about the miracle of birth if you die in the beginning?


I don't know where I'm going? Maybe this isn't me writing, it's a different person. I haven't written a word in months and suddenly the words are flowing. Suddenly I'm struck with this calm and easy feeling. But I'm not here to change the world; I'm just voicing my opinion.
If the world is a movie, then I'm a critic.
Or maybe I'm an actor 'cause I'm in it. I'm part of the problem so I'm trying to fix it. So raise your hand and raise it like you mean it. Go ahead and feel your heart and make sure that it's beating. Don't be another robot of the system.
Don't be a soldier for more oil to be drillin'. Don't drink coke when you know Colombia is killing.
Don't be so naive because not everything is innocent.