Killer Coke
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Killer Coke Update | April 1, 2004

Students Protest Coke CEO Douglas Daft at Shareholder Meeting

1. Yesterday, Douglas Daft spoke at Yale University at the 11th Annual Coca-Cola World Fund at Yale Lecture in Luce Hall Auditorium. A group of students and community members involved in the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke, protested Daft's presence and the hypocrisy of his speech with a die-in in front of the speaker's podium, distributed Campaign literature and peppered him with embarrassing questions.

Be sure to read the article, "Coca-Cola CEO talks ethics," in the Yale Daily News and check out the photos. For more information, contact Thomas Frampton at

"Coca-Cola CEO talks ethics," Yale Daily News, March 31, 2004

2. You can read an article about the SINALTRAINAL Hunger Strike published in Colombia Week written by Jana Silverman.

"Coca-Cola hunger strike ends in union win," Colombia Week, Jana Silverman

3. New photos from activists in the Campaign are on our "Protest Pics" page. Protest Photos

4. Numerous supporters have been asking us about a list of Coke's products, of which there are more than 300. Coke's Brands