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Campaign to Stop Killer Coke - Newsletter | April 22, 2004

Dear Campaign Supporters:

1. Yesterday, the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke successfully demonstrated at Coke's annual shareholders' meeting in Wilmington, Delaware. The protest generated extensive media coverage - a few samples are linked below. A highlight of the Washington Post article describes that Coke CEO Douglas Daft suppressed an independent investigation of the charges regarding Coke's abuses in Colombia (if you do not get a "hot" link, copy and past the web addresses below):

Washington Post:

Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Atlanta Business Chronicle:

2. In addition, the following link will bring you to a radio piece produced by Workers Independent News Service. This requires an MP3 player and is best heard on a high-speed internet connection:

3. We have added several photos of the demonstration to our Protest Pics section.