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Campaign to Stop Killer Coke News Release November 26, 2007

Why are we reminding Hearst Executive Cathleen Black about 'acting ethically at work'?

News Release
From: Campaign to Stop Killer Coke
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For Immediate Release, November 26, 2007

Why are we reminding Hearst Executive Cathleen Black about 'acting ethically at work'?

Hearst's Cosmopolitan magazine turns into 'ColaSwallowin', a sharp satirical treatment of media executive Cathleen Black's role as a Coca-Cola policymaker, when Ms. Black and New York Post columnist Liz Smith appear at the 92d Street "Y" tonight (Nov. 26) to promote Ms. Black's new book, Basic Black.

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At least 45 colleges and universities, including Rutgers University and New York University, have kicked Coke off their campuses.

Many of the nation's largest teachers' unions, including the New York State United Teachers, United University Professions, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY and the United Federation of Teachers, have banned Coke products from their facilities and functions and called on their members to boycott Coke.

Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association-College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF) divested 1.25 million shares of Coca-Cola Co. stock and has banned further investments in its $9 billion CREF Social Choice Account because Coke does not meet TIAA-CREF's standards as a socially responsible company.

In 2004, New York City Council Member Hiram Monserrate led a fact-finding mission to Colombia to investigate allegations of intimidation, kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders. The delegation's report concluded: "?there are troubling eyewitness accounts of paramilitaries having unrestricted access to Coke plants and of paramilitaries consorting with company managers?It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that paramilitaries in Coke's bottling plants were there with the full knowledge and/or tacit approval of the company."

"Perhaps Cathleen Black should take her own advice from her new book about 'acting ethically at work,' " suggested Campaign to Stop Killer Coke Director Ray Rogers. "She should use her influence as a board member to get Coca-Cola to end its labor, human rights and environmental abuses."

Campaign to Stop KILLER COKE

We are seeking your help to stop a gruesome cycle of murders, kidnappings, and torture of union leaders and organizers involved in daily life-and-death struggles at Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia, South America.

"If we lose the fight against Coca-Cola, we will first lose our union, next our jobs and then our lives." SINALTRAINAL VIce President Juan Carlos Galvis

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Learn the truth about The Coca-Cola Co.

"We believe the evidence shows that Coca-Cola and its corporate network are rife with immorality, corruption and complicity in murder."
Campaign to Stop Killer Coke/Corporate Campaign, Inc. Director Ray Rogers