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New Student Website Launched:

Students, faculty, staff and, in some cases, enlightened school administrators, have taken strong actions against scofflaw Coca-Cola whose executives and board members falsely believe they are above the law and can't be held accountable. Many campus activists, through their actions, are proving them wrong.

Now, campus activists from anywhere in the world can contact us to help them begin a Campaign to Stop Killer Coke at their school or to promote one already in progress. On our website, schools will be prominently listed on the home page with a link to their section. There we will post their contact information and spotlight their campaign activities as they develop. Campaigners at one school will be able to network with campaigners at other schools and share ideas.

Hundreds of Millions to Billions in Losses

Stop Killer Coke Campaigns, and particularly those resulting in all Coca-Cola products being booted off scores of campuses, has cost the company many hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues and much more in brand value and the costs to Coke continue to accumulate. Campaigns leading to hundreds of millions in losses, left unresolved, grow to billions in losses over a number of years and that is deservedly what's happening to Coke.

Decisive actions by many labor unions removing Coke machines and calling upon their members to avoid Coca-Cola and the successful campaigns shutting down Coke factories in India are adding to Coke's losses.

The Wall Street Journal reported on October 22, 2014 that Coca-Cola's quarterly profit was down 14% and "Coke lowered its long-term revenue target and warned it will miss its profit target — not only this year, but next...The company also warned it expects to fall short of its long-term earnings per share target...the first miss in several years." listed Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent as one of "Five Walking Dead" CEOS who "are far beyond saving." Their "Epic failures have left each without a heartbeat, and their fall from grace won't be pretty."

Sign Up Now!

Please: go to "Activate Your Campus" at the top of the menu on There you can sign up your school now so we can help promote your campaign that's in progress or help you get one started so you can be part of a growing and exciting worldwide effort to bring justice to Coca-Cola.

Parents With Daughters and Sons in School

If you are a parent receiving this newsletter, please show the website to your daughters and sons who are students at colleges, universities, high schools and junior highs and urge them to start a campaign at their school.

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