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Poems By Dan North (UK)

The Cage of Unethicity

You should really by now
Be getting the message
To stop violating civil liberty
And putting human rights in a cage.
But instead you repeat the same old evils
Again and again
Chasing money no matter whom it hurts
As you place people's futures firmly down the drain.
Because you keep on ignoring, discarding the facts
Anyway I thought the risks of smoking were clear?
But you still blank out all what Altria has caused
Hoping that in time the truth will eventually smear.
Also rather than helping
You encourage the crippling of the Burmese
Destroying employment and allowing the slave trade
Watching on as economies crumble around their knees.
So please don't buy any more of their WB bonds
As we will no longer be taken for a fool
In hope that they learn from the errors of their ways S
o that the TIAA-CREF will become to be a lot more ethical.

Turning Up the Heat

Behind the light hearted appeal
The more sinister side begins to reveal
Brain washed with power, fizzing and rotting
Leaders fallen in the warm Colombian sun
By hired death squads, greed is forever plotting.

Bottlers being ripped off
As the powerful greedily scoff
Toasting with another glass of coke
Whilst the profits overspill with pain
From the blood dripping from the guns smoke.

Control of the government and above the law
People aren't bubbles, you can just shake and pour
Your facade is decaying, your taste just isn't as sweet
You can't keep on ignoring people's intelligence
As soon as someone decides to turn up the heat.

The Prize Of Harmony

Too many people caught in the beatings
Just because of wanting justice and peace
The batons clubbed over the many heads
Handcuffed, then pushed into police cars
As the blood poured like gallons of crimson grease.
Just because they have had enough of being exploited
By all the damage Coca Cola has done
But we shall not weaken
As we can stand united and keep on trying
Until the prize of harmony is won.

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