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Canada Protest Pics

King's College/University of Western Ontario Day of ACtion, October 12, 2006

By 11:30am on a snowy day, the Day Of Action was on. While some played dead, others distributed flyers, answered questions. We've ignited a buzz around campus; people are talking about Coke, they're asking questions, and generally becoming more aware of the issue.

Ryerson University: September 26th - Killer Coke event

Held at Ryerson University in Toronto Canada. The pictures were taken by the McMaster folks who were down at Ryerson to check out the event.

Referendum Victory at McMaster University, Canada

"Students at McMaster Univeristy in Hamilton (Canada) exchange flyers yesterday from the campaign against exclusive sale of Coke on campus."

"Students at McMaster Univeristy in Hamilton (Canada) exchange flyers yesterday from the campaign against exclusive sale of Coke on campus."

"Killer Coke: Students take a stand against Coke's monopoly at McMaster University — Last Thursday (March 24), students from Campus Choice, opposing Coca-Cola's exclusivity contract at Mac as well as Coke's human rights violations in Latin America, demonstrated outside the Student Center. Students were able to trade in Coke products and sign petitions against Coke."

Killer Coke Activists Target Royal Bank of Canada Shareholders Meeting, Halifax, Canada, Feb. 25, 2005.

"Killer" and Pedro J. Reinhard use the Royal Bank of Canada bank machine corner of Eglinton and Yonge, Toronto, Canada.

On Saturday, February 19, 2005, members of the Canadian Campaign to Stop Killer Coke braved freezing weather to organize information pickets at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) locations in Victoria, London, Hamilton, Kingston, Toronto and Halifax. The information pickets were aimed at RBC customers and staff, to inform them about the murder and threats directed at Colombian trade unionists in Coca-Cola bottling plants. The organizers handed out petitions encouraging people to call for the removal of J. Pedro Reinhard (who's also on the board of Coca-Cola and Dow Chemical) from the board of directors of the RBC for his silent complicity in the face of murdered trade unionists in Colombia. Armed with a mock "Killer Coke bottle" costume and a miniature puppet depicting J. Pedro Reinhard, the organizers stepped up their campaign to bring attention to Coca-Cola's crimes in Colombia. These actions are part of wider activities taking place in communities and university campuses across Ontario, and other parts of Canada, where activists are mobilizing to hold Coke accountable for human and labour rights violations in their bottling plants in Colombia.

ORGANIZATIONS THAT ENDORSED THE PICKETS: ACT for the Earth ~ the ACTivist Magazine, CASA (the Colombia Action Solidarity Alliance), Oakville District Labour Council, OPIRG - Toronto, Polaris Institute; For more information, contact:

Ray Rogers Speaking Tour of the Toronto, Canada region from Oct. 17th to 24th.

Fundraiser on Saturday, October 23

Colombian Kidz on left and below

Wednesday, October 20 — Western University of London and Guelph University

Photo on right: Campaign Director Ray Rogers and John Clarke Organizer of the "Ontario Coalition Against Poverty" (OCAP)

Cristina Fernandez of the "Coalition Against War and Racism"

Tuesday, October 19 — Stephen Leacock High School and the demonstration at Royal Bank Canada

Monday, October 18 — Radio Interview, The Student School and Oakwood Collegiate Institute

Rally in front of the Colombian Consulate in Toronto, Canada, on Sept. 16th endorsed by the Canadian Auto Workers, United Steelworkers of America, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Fed., Oakville and District Labour Council and others.