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Europe Protest Pics

Photos from the 2 June 2006 event against Coca-Cola in Moenchengladbach, Germany during the Germany-Colombia football match some days before the World Cup began.

On Thursday 6th October, eight Bristol university students held a memorial for the seven Coca-Cola workers, and the wife of one of them, who have been assassinated because of their trade union activities at Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia. The eight students wore black bags, each bearing a placard on their chest stating 'In memory of' and the murdered trade unionist's name. They walked through the university freshers' fair, to the front of the students union building, behind a banner highlighting Coca-Cola's criminal activities. The eight students lay down on the steps of the main entrance to the Students' Union where several photographers took pictures of the 'die-in' while other students handed out information.

The International Campaign against Coca-Cola: Building the Network and Mobilising the Boycott, Leeds University (UK), Feb. 26, 2005.

Amit Srivastava (L) is from the India Resource Center, Rosie Kane (R) is a member of the Scottish Parliament for the SSP

Juan Pablo Ochoa (L) is a Colombian student activist, Gearoid Oloingsigh (R) is from the Latin America Solidarity Centre, Ireland

Stencils seen on walls in Dublin, Ireland

The text on these stencils read: "Killer Coke: Coca-Cola bottling plant managers in Colombia, South America allowed and encouraged paramilitary death squads to murder, torture and kidnap SINALTRAINAL leaders and members in an effort to crush their union. Dont buy Coca-Cola products. Info:"

Arte contro la Killer-Cola, Feb. 2 to 11, 2005 in Rome, Italy

La conferenza stampa del 26 Ottobre 2004 al Municipio Roma XI

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Images from Colombia, Australia, Italy, England and Canada on SINALTRAINAL's website.
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Latin American Solidarity Campaign organise Coca-Cola boycott, distribute info on Grafton Street, Jul 26 2003