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India Protest Pictures

Police Attack Coca-Cola Protest in Mehdiganj, India; Over 350 Arrested

"Towards the end of the rally, the marchers decided to march to the factory gates, about a hundred meters from the site of the rally. The armed police reacted violently and swiftly, with no warnings. The armed police launched a vicious lathi (baton) charge on all the marchers, and many women, in particular, became the target of male police officers who beat them incessantly. The police also chased after community members in the surrounding fields to beat them, many of whom were escaping the site of the violent police action. A Budhist monk was also attacked by the police, who showed no regard whatsoever for any one present in the area. The police attacks were ordered by Mr. Tahir Iqbal, ADM of police in Varanasi." — excerpt from a report of the India Resource Center. See more photos.

Coke and the World Social Forum, Photos by Marc Becker, Jan. 2004

Coke and the World Social Forum, Photos by Melanie Alfonso/Global Resistance, Jan. 2004