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Shareholders Meetings - Protest Pics

July 18, 2006 TIAA-CREF Shareholders' Meeting in New York City.

April 19, 2006 Coke Shareholdrs' Meeting in Wilmington, Delaware. Photos by Pat Crowe II/AP

Ed Potter (left), global labor relations director for Coke, talks to Ray Rogers of Corporate Campaign Inc. about Coke labor issues in Colombia, which Rogers raised at the shareholders meeting.

Members of the United Students Against Sweatshops protest outide Coca Cola Co.'s annual shareholders meeting.

July 19, 2005, "Activists push TIAA-CREF to divest at TIAA-CREF Shareholders' Meeting

"Taking a cue from the anti-apartheid campaigns of the 1980s, activist staged a small rally outside TIAA-CREF Midtown (New York City) office yesterday to change the pension powerhouse's investment practices.

"The protesters — which numbered about 20 and included human rights and environmental advocates — want the $340 billion pension management company to divest from what they called socially irresponsible companies." "From amNew York

April 19, 2005 Coke Shareholders' Meeting in Wilmington, Delaware

Two Coca-Cola reps including Ed Potter, director of Coca-Cola's Global Labor Relations, speaking to demonstrators

Students from the University of Michigan (L) and students from Smith College

Photos by Amit Srivastava.

Vanessa Codabac, Hofstra University (left) and Ryan Bates, University of Michigan

Laura Cayford (AP Photo/Pat Crowe II)

Protest at Coke's Shareholders' Meeting in Wilmington, Del., April 21, 2004. Photos by Aaron Couch.

Coke's Shareholders' Meeting in Houston on April 16, 2003