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Coca-Cola at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil on January 29, 2005.
Speakers included Edgar Paez (L), the international affairs director of Sinaltrainal in Colombia, also spearheading the campaign against Coca-Cola's crimes in Colombia and Nandlal Master, a community leader from Mehdiganj in India leading a campaign against Coca-Cola's abuses in the villages (in top photo). Other speakers included Mukta Srivastava and Sandeep Pandey from the National Alliance of People's Movements in India, Karl Flecker from the Polaris Institute in Canada, Berta Joubert Cici from Puerto Rico and Amit Srivastava of the bi-national (US, India) India Resource Center.

Photos by the India Resource Center

Ray Rogers Speaking Tour of the Toronto, Canada region from Oct. 17th to 24th.

Fundraiser on Saturday, October 23

Colombian Kidz on left and below

Wednesday, October 20 — Western University of London and Guelph University

Photo on right: Campaign Director Ray Rogers and John Clarke Organizer of the "Ontario Coalition Against Poverty" (OCAP)

Cristina Fernandez of the "Coalition Against War and Racism"

Tuesday, October 19 — Stephen Leacock High School and the demonstration at Royal Bank Canada

Monday, October 18 — Radio Interview, The Student School and Oakwood Collegiate Institute

Atlanta, Georgia, June 5, 2004 G8 Teach-in

Photos taken from the G8 Teach-in held in Atlanta, Georgia June 5, 2004 by Frank Johnson/
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Photos from 6/6/04
Photos from 6/7/04

Luis Adolfo Cardona Detroit-area tour, April 14 - 17.

Rally in Detroit, UAW Local 22, April 17

New York City Council Member Hiram Monserrate in Colombia on fact-finding mission in January

Coke and the World Social Forum, Photos by Marc Becker, Jan. 2004

Coke and the World Social Forum, Photos by Melanie Alfonso/Global Resistance, Jan. 2004