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Students Protest Pics

Vassar College Kick Coke Campaign, February 22, 2007

Kick Coke Campaign Mission Statement:

We the Vassar community demand an end to Vassar's relationship to Coca-Cola because of the documented human rights atrocities that Coca- Cola has committed. In the interest of the health, safety and welfare of people here and abroad, Vassar needs to participate in the international efforts to put an end to Coca-Cola's exploitative practices.

Members of the Vassar Kick Coke campaign created a Coca-Cola Monster with 9 arms, each with the name of a union leader killed in Coca- Cola's Colombian bottling plants.

SUNY Albany Day of Action, January 25, 2007

Campaign Director Ray Rogers at Grant MacEwan College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"A groups of students on the 7th June organised a football game in Bern, Switzerland. The match was between the union and Coca-Cola. The Coke managers had their hands covered in blood while the workers wore dirty and torn clothes."

Here are photos of a demonstration two days after UM reinstated Coca-Cola. We had a sign that had UM crossed off and NYU written above it, with a line from our school's fight song "The leaders and the best" (Photo by Adri Miller)

This event was hosted by the Amnesty International Club at Coral Gables High School in Coral Gables, Florida on Feb. 9, 2006. Many booths showed different violations of human rights and Killer Coke had its own both. Five hundred people attended the event and at least 300 people signed a request to end the sale of Coke products in the school.

McMaster University Conference: Corporate Power in the Ivory Tower

Febraury 13, 12:30 pm
SPEAKERS: Kenneth Saltman, Visiting Graduate Professor to McMaster
Camilo Romero, National Organizer for Outreach USAS
Andrea Harden, Polaris Institute
Dylan Penner, ACT for the Earth
Iliam Burbano, Colombian Action Solidarity Alliance (CASA)
Michelle Peek, McMaster Campus Choice Chair

Michigan State University, Students for Economic Action Actions

"This is a picture that a student at Marquette University High School made for our campaign (The campaign at MUHS)."

Die-In in Indiana
The latest action coming out of Indiana. The Die-In at the Board of Trustees' press conference involved both No Sweat! on the Bloomington campus and SAGE from the Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis campus.

On Dec. 12, New York City Council Member Hiram Monserrate held a press conference at New York University to celebrate the student Campaign to Stop Killer Coke victory at the campus. Present with the Council Member were members of the student group, Jose Schiffino, SCSEA Local 1000 organizer and a member of Monserrate's factfinding mission to Colombia, USAS national organizer Camilo Romero and Campaign Dirctor Ray Rogers. Also present were striking members of the Graduate Students Organizing Committee. Speakers linked the two struggles with slogans, including "GSOC in! Coke out!"

On Dec. 8, the Colombian Club at Hunter College, City University of New York, held a meeting at which SINALTRAINAL member Luis Adolfo Cardona and USAS National Organizer Camilo Romero spoke. Present at the meeting were students from other CUNY colleges. Below is a photo of Luis and Camilo (left) and the Colombian Club. (Photos by Nancy Siesel)

"The Coca-Cola campaign at Connecticut College started off with a bang in September, with a Coke-suited CCLefter handing out the halfsheets that KillerCoke provides on its website:"

See More Photos from Connecticut College

Students Protest Coke Commission Meeting, July 7th, Chicago

Amit Srivastava (L) is from the India Resource Center, Rosie Kane is a member of the Scottish Parliament for the SSP

Coke protesters unrolled a huge paper banner reading "NYU BAN COKE" on the floor the Bobst Library at New York University.
PHOTO: Benjamin D. Schwaid /WSN

We were asked to take this photo off our site by Ben Schwaid.

University of Michigan "Killer Coke Carnivale"

"Killer Coke: Students take a stand against Coke's monopoly at McMaster University — Last Thursday (March 24), students from Campus Choice, opposing Coca-Cola's exclusivity contract at Mac as well as Coke's human rights violations in Latin America, demonstrated outside the Student Center. Students were able to trade in Coke products and sign petitions against Coke."

Rutgers University students and protestors stand in front of a giant inflatable mock Coca-Cola bottle on the steps of Brower Commons on the College Avenue campus.

The International Campaign against Coca-Cola: Building the Network and Mobilising the Boycott, Leeds University (UK), Feb. 26, 2005.

Amit Srivastava (L) is from the India Resource Center, Rosie Kane is a member of the Scottish Parliament for the SSP

Juan Pablo Ochoa (L) is a Colombian student activist, Gearoid Oloingsigh (R) is from the Latin America Solidarity Centre, Ireland

Iowa State University, Die-In, March 2, 2005

University of Michigan, Banner hung on a parking structure

Charter Day at University of Montana, Community Action for Justice in the Americas (CAJA)

University of Iowa's Students Against Sweatshops deliver valentines.

Julia Slocum (foreground) and Ned Bertz, members of Students Against Sweatshops, deliver 11 valentines constructed by members of the group to President David Skorton and members of the UI Purchasing Advising Committee. Melanie Patterson/The Daily Iowan

Coca-Cola representative Lori Billingsley defends Coke before the UCSL at New York University. Note the non-Coke products on the table.
PHOTO: Rachel Leibman /WSN

Wednesday, October 20 — Western University of London and Guelph University

Photo on right: Campaign Director Ray Rogers and John Clarke Organizer of the "Ontario Coalition Against Poverty" (OCAP)

Cristina Fernandez of the "Coalition Against War and Racism"

Tuesday, October 19 — Stephen Leacock High School and the demonstration at Royal Bank Canada

Monday, October 18 — Radio Interview, The Student School and Oakwood Collegiate Institute

On Oct. 12, activists at New York University turned the school's many Coke vending machines into mock crime scenes to protest Coke's human rights abuses in Colombia bottling plants. Vending machines throughout some of NYU's main buildings were wrapped in caution tape and plastered with the fake blood-spattered obituaries of those who have died as a result of Coca-Cola's policies.

Salem State College, Massachusetts, Protest

Luis Adolfo Cardona Detroit-area tour, April 14 - 17.

Rally in Detroit, UAW Local 22, April 17

Wayne State University

Green House

Cranbrook Schools

Removal of Coke Vending Machines from Carleton College, MN, after March 8th Decision. Photos by Theresa Graif

Die-In and demonstration at New York University, March 31, 2004

Die-In at Douglas Daft Speech at Yale, March 31, 2004

United Students Against Sweatshops Conference in Atlanta

Coke Vigil and Meeting in Berkeley

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, January 29 & 30, 2004

Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona, Dec.5, 2003.
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University of San Francisco Die-In, Dec. 4

Sept. 11, 2003 at Carnegie-Mellon in Pittsburgh, Spontaneous Coke Dump