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The Student School, Toronto District School, Boycotts Coke

June 2004

We at THE STUDENT SCHOOL, a student body of approximately 180, would like to express our firm stance on the situation in Colombia in relation to Coca-Cola and its unionists at the Femsa bottling plants. As a school council, we have decided that we do not want to support such atrocious corporate misbehavior and do not spend any of our school's budget on Cocal-Cola products.

Coca-Cola is not the only product our school boycotts: we have voted against budget Wal-Mart purchases, as well as decided that we will not, as a school, accept any corporate sponsorship.

We are one of the few schools within the Toronto School Board to boycott Coca-Cola. We support the International Coke Boycott. In boycotting Coca-Cola, we are demonstrating our solidarity with SINALTRAINAL (the National Colombian Food Workers Union). Most of our students are active in the boycott and have managed to boycott Coca-Cola and Wal-Mart at home as well.

We hope that our strong position on the issue will convince other students to see the wrong doings of the big corporations around the world and do something about it. Perhaps our example will lead other students to start looking further into things and join the struggle for human rights and fair labour laws around the world.

Our boycott has been successful and our school will continue to boycott the products of companies that refuse to obey labour laws and continue to deny workers basic human rights. Stand in solidarity alongside us to support your fellow workers around the world.

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