Killer Coke
A Never-ending Story of Exploitation, Greed, Lies, Cover-ups and Complicity in Kidnapping, Torture, Murder and other Gross Human Rights Abuses

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New York Daily News, "Bottling Coke and Spilling Blood," Juan Gonzalez, Nov. 10, 2003
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La Prensa, Jan. 7, Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, MI, Letter to Editor by John Martinez.
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Coke is the Drink of the Death Squads
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The Steward, UAW Local 22, "Stop Killer Coke," Dec.-Jan. 2004
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The Nation, "Killer Coke," by Greg Wirth, Dec. 15, 2003
Read More (E/The Environmental Magazine), "Despite the Hype, Bottled Water is Neither Cleaner nor Greener than Tap Water." By Brian Howard, December 9, 2003
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United Hebrew Trades Endorses Campaign
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Dollars & Sense, the magazine of economic justice, "Stop Killer Coke!" Nov./Dec. 2003
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CounterPunch, "Annual CounterPunch Honor Roll," Nov. 16/Dec. 15, 2003
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London Times, "Coca-Cola pours scorn on student boycott, Nov. 9, 2003
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Atlanta Business Chronicle: Students Call for Coke Boycott, Nov. 24, 2003
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el Diario/LA PRENSA: Coca-Cola: Armonia perfecta en las embotelladoras colombianas? Part II, Nov. 1, 2003
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el Diario/LA PRENSA: Coca-Cola: Armonia perfecta en las embotelladoras colombianas? Part I, Oct. 31, 2003
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New York Press, "Coca Cola's Killers," By Lucas Rivera, October 22-28, 2003
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Sept. 11, 2003 - Coca-Cola Union Leader's Son Kidnapped As Attacks on SINALTRAINAL Escalate - Sept. 11, 2003

Today (Sept. 10, 2003), at about 1 p.m. in a spot known as Simon Bolivar Blvd., (La Tienda la Esmeralda) in Barranquilla, Columbia, four unknown masked subjects pulled 15-year-old David Jose Carranza Calle — son of Limberto Carranza, a Coca-Cola worker in the city of Barranquilla who is the national director of SINALTRAINAL — from his bike and forced him into a white truck. They took him away and tortured him, asking the whereabouts of his father. At about 4:30 p.m., they dropped him off at a spot known as Canyon of the Ahuyama, where he was picked up by a man passing by and brought to the police.

Meanwhile, at the house of Limberto Carranza, they received a phone call saying: "Unionist son of a bitch; we are going to break you. And if you won't break, we will attack your home."

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El Heraldos, "VP Denounces Links Between Business Owners & Murders of Unionists," By Jorge Mario Erazo , August 21, 2003
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New York Press, "Colombia's other Deadly Coke," By Alexander Zaitchik, July 16-22, 2003
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Upcoming Events
New York City, Sunnyside, Queens, Saturday, Dec. 13:

"The Death of Human Rights in Colombia?" Community Forum at All Saints Church, 4312 46th St., Sunnyside at 7:00 p.m., Speakers: German Orozco, trade unionist from Colombia; Marta Hauze, Movement for Peace in Colombia; Ray Rogers, Director of Campaign to Stop Killer Coke. Sponsored by Sunnyside/Woodside Peace & West Queens Greens.

Toronto, Canada, Sat. Dec. 13:

Oakville and District Labor Council is organizing a rally and leafletting at Air Canada Centre, 40 Bay St, Toronto from 5-7 pm.