Killer Coke
A Never-ending Story of Exploitation, Greed, Lies, Cover-ups and Complicity in Kidnapping, Torture, Murder and other Gross Human Rights Abuses

Coca-Cola's Institutional Shareholders

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Coca-Cola Officers & Board Members Owning more than One Million Coca-Cola Co. Shares

Holder Shares Reported
HERBERT ALLEN 18,098,576 25-Feb-1p
AHMET BOZER 1,868,822 25-Feb-13
STEVEN CAHILLANE 1,008,518 25-Feb-13
BARRY DILLER 6,000,000 25-Feb-19
GARY FAYARD 5,004,309 25-Feb-13
MUHTAR KENT 8,657,580 25-Feb-13
DONALD KEOUGH 10,082,176 25-Feb-13
JOSE OCTAVIO REYES 4,331,056 25-Feb-13

Beneficial owners of 5% or more of Coca-Cola stock as of 12/31/18:

Holder Shares % Out Value* Reported
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc 400,000,000 Shares 9.36%
The Vanguard Group 299,022,873 Shares 6.99%
BlackRock Inc. 253,865,694 Shares 5.94%