Killer Coke
A Never-ending Story of Exploitation, Greed, Lies, Cover-ups and Complicity in Kidnapping, Torture, Murder and other Gross Human Rights Abuses

Stop Killer Coke Arts

Images by Lorena

Killer Coke Killer Coke

KillerCoke in India, By Carlos Latuff

KillerCoke in Colombia, By Carlos Latuff

Paintings by Zak Parsons

Killer Coke

Ronald McCroak and the Cadavers, "F**k the Defamation, A song about abuses by Coke and McDonalds, from Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Listen to "F**k the Defamation"
"We value children so much in our lives and yet we allow them to become addicted to products that ultimately cause them the greatest harm. We abhor people in society who exploit and harm children, and yet, we allow companies to constantly advertise products that are unhealthy and which lead to life threatening conditions. McDonalds, Coca-Cola, et al and child exploiters prey on children in similar fashion. With manipulation, coercion, untruths and outright lies. And if child exploiters had the type of public relations budgets of McDonalds and Coke, there wouldn't be a convicted child exploiter in jail."
Ronald wrote us: "It's very confrontational with some swear words but it's all in context."
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David Rovics, Coke is the Drink of the Death Squads
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Interactive Media about Killer Coke, by Varinthorn (Kay) Christopher
"Help! Evil Cokes are hiding in my kitchen. Find any one of them & drag the can out of my kitchen to see why drinking Coke is not cool."
Find the Coke Can

Killer Coke

Image donated by Carlostroll

"This is a picture that a student at Marquette University High School made for our campaign (The campaign at MUHS)."

Killer Coke

Business Week, Posters and Art from Online Slide Show

Art Against Killer Coke, from Italy
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Coke, Sponsor of the Olympics, "COCACOLA SPONSOR DELLE OLIMPIADI" — by juku —
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The ACTivist magazine, "Minimum Security," By Stephanie McMillan

Killer Coke

David Rovics, "Coke is the Drink of the Death Squads"
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David Rovics' Web site

Party People (UK), "Don't Drink Coke," Hear song on Indymedia
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Read Lyrics of "Don't Drink Coke"
Party People (UK) released a drum and bass tune celebrating the injustices and idiocies surrounding Coca-Cola's practices in Colombia and around the world.

Martin Espada, "Coca-Cola and Coco Frio"
Read Coca-Cola and Coco Frío," by Martin Espada
Martin Espada's Web site

Arte Contro la Killer Cola, Click on graphic
Arte Contro la Killer-Cola

Ampersand by Barry Deutsch

Killer Coke Killer Coke Killer Coke

Poems by Dan North from the UK
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From Campagna di boicottaggio Coca-Cola

Killer Coke

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